How to Learn Spanish From Music Videos

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A fantastic way to learn Spanish is to use various media like movies, radio, newspapers, etc. to help you pick up conversational vocabulary, grammar, and phrases. That is, the type of language that's actually used by native speakers on a normal, day-to-day basis instead of some dry, formal, made-up stuff from a textbook.

My personal favorite thing to use is music videos, for several reasons:

1. You can pick an artist, music genre, and song that you personally really like, this way the whole process is fun, enjoyable, and doesn't feel like work.

2. Your brain remembers musical rhythms and rhymes better than it does plain old speech--you can probably recite lyrics from songs that you last heard several years ago, can't you? Well guess what, if you learn a Spanish-language song, you'll remember the lyrics and their meaning (and therefore the vocabulary and grammar that goes with them) for years and years as well.

3. It's free!! You can get nearly any music video you want on YouTube and the lyrics for it from a free lyrics website (just google "lyrics" or "[your song's name] lyrics"), which will allow you to read the lyrics and look up each individual word that you don't know. Plus, any questions about what an idiom, phrase, or expression means can be answered by posting a question about it on a language-learning forum such as the Spanish section of the word reference forums at

What to Do:

Step 1

Play the video once through and listen to it, just for fun and to get a feel for it.

Step 2

Pull up the lyrics for it (google is your friend) and look up any words you don't know for that particular verse (we're just going to go one verse at a time), I personally recommend, they even have a translator there so you can copy and paste whole sentences or verses into it for translation.

Put those new vocabulary words and expressions that you're learning down on flashcards--I recommend you use flashcard software like Anki.

Step 3

After you know what all the words mean I want you to play that verse back until you can understand what's being said as it's being said. You can also try repeating after the singer until you sound just like them--this is an immensely valuable technique that will do wonders for your pronunciation.

Step 4

Move onto the next verse and do the same thing until you've finished the song. Now, go back and play the song all the way through as many times as you have to until you can understand everything being said at full speed without having to pause it.

That's it! Do you see how much Spanish you can learn this way? Just a few videos could give you hundreds of new vocabulary words and dozens of new expressions and ways of saying things, plus it's all normal conversational Spanish that you can actually use with native speakers!

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How to Learn Spanish From Music Videos

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This article was published on 2011/01/13